We’re a friendly and welcoming club, and want all of our visitors to arrive and depart safely and without stress.  The information here should help you with that.

Before setting out to visit us, please watch and digest our Airfield Procedures video.

Once you’ve read this, please call for PPR from airfield operator Steven Becket on

07802 435158

Our main runway is 23 LH – 05 RH, and we fly overhead at 1000′, descend to a circuit height of 500′ over the tip on the dead side, and join crosswind.

Please observe the no-fly zones in red on the picture below, avoiding flying overhead our neighbouring farms and houses.

Under NO circumstances should you overfly or encroach the airspace above and directly around the neighbouring glider site – Rufforth West.  

Please note that the original RAF airfield has been split into two sites and whilst it may appear to be one airfield, it is not.  Rufforth East, the microlight and gyrocopter airfield is to the East, closest to the city of York and your approach should be from the East or South, avoiding the glider site to our west.

We have other smaller runways available if the wind does not allow a safe landing or departure on 05 – 23, but these are shorter and more challenging.  Details are available in our Flying Orders – see above.
You’ll also find all of the usual information in your flight guide or flying app of choice.  The Pooley’s plate and AFE guide plate are to the right – please remember that you are coming to Rufforth East, not Rufforth West.

Radio: Rufforth Traffic – Safetycom 135.475

Elevation: 67′ above sea level

AFE Guide

Our plate according to AFE Guide 2011

Pooley's Guide

Our plate according to Pooley’s Guide 2014.

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